Website Design Maintenance

Website design maintenance for small business websites is often overlooked.

So your new website is designed or you have had your old website redesigned and it is live on the world wide web. Congratulations!

Is that where the road ends and you and your website designer shake hands and part ways?

Often the answer is a solid “No”.

Let’s discuss what happens after your new website has gone live and who will look after the ongoing updates, changes and support if something happens to go wrong with your website.

What is ongoing maintenance and support and why do I need it?

Ongoing maintenance and support will provide you with a dedicated account manager to take care of your websites basic needs and requirements to continue to function correctly. This also means you will have support available if anything is to go wrong with your website and it needs to be resolved fast.

Software Updates – Your website is created with design software and this means you need to make the required updates to keep your website operating correctly and staying up to date.

Content updates – There is nothing worse than coming across a website which has not had changes made to it within the last 5 years. The content is out dated the images and design is old. Having an ongoing maintenance team to make updates to your content is critical if you are serious about having a competitive business website.

Maintenance & Support – General maintenance of your website is an ongoing process to make sure that all elements of the website are functioning how they should. Support refers to having a dedicated account manager there for support incase of emergency to help you if say your website is hacked or goes offline and needs to be resolved fast to keep your business operating online.

Can I do these updates and changes myself?

If you are familiar with working with content management systems or are confident you can learn then we do encourage our clients to do this. However if you are not confident with what you are doing this can cause major problems to your websites design aspects and the way that it functions. The first time your website goes offline because the changes and edits you have made to the website did not agree and your business has gone offline you will understand the importance of investing in experienced support to cover your needs.

When it comes to the overall safety and success of your website having experts working on the ongoing maintenance & functionality of your website is a must have service that will become a worth while investment into the future of your businesses online marketing.

Our ongoing support and maintenance fees are well priced

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