With the ever evolving mobile platform taking up a significant portion of target market views it is important to remember the little things. All major search engines now takes into account whether or not your business has a mobile website developed. More and more of your target market are researching, shopping, enquiring using their mobile device to do so.

Sometimes it is the little things that count and this saying could not be more correct when it comes to your businesses mobile website. When your customers are searching for information on their mobile device they want it on the move, easy to access and in a heartbeat. Sounds pretty demanding right? It sure is, but that does not change the fact that we need to cater to all of our users, clients or customers wants. In today’s ever changing society the popularity and growth of mobile devices has never been larger, we use them for everyday tasks, work, entertainment and shopping.

Here are some Mobile website statistics to give you an understanding of just how important it is for your business:

  • 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to an action, and over 50% lead to a purchase
  • 70% of mobile online searches lead to an action within an hour, while 70% of desktop online searches lead to an action within a month
  • Mobile ads perform 4 to 5 times better than traditional online ads
  • 40% of tablet owners said they have looked up information on a show on their tablet while they were watching that same show
  • 74% of smartphones users use their phones for shopping, and of that 79% make a purchase as a result of using their phones
  • Mobile coupons have a redemption rate 10 times higher than that of print coupons
  • 50% of smartphones users have bought a product on their phone
  • 73% of smartphones users reported having used the mobile web to shop, instead of an app
  • 60% of web users say they expect a mobile site to load on their phone in 3 seconds or less
  • 95% smartphone users looked up local information, of that 61% called and 59% visited the business

Our team of designers and developers are specialists in creating mobile dedicated websites for our clients. Before taking the leap it is important to understand that there is a difference between a responsive website design and a mobile dedicated website so please feel free to contact our team to discuss which best suits your needs.