Should My Business Get SEO?

At Diverse Website Solutions we have put together a handful of articles to answer the 30 most asked questions related to website design/development, mobile website development, search engine optimisation & all other aspects of online marketing within Australia.

Question 3: Should my business get SEO?


Yes! If your company is serious about generating leads, building contacts, selling products online or receiving quotes for your services through your website you should be investing money into Search Engine Optimisation services. Ranking high within search engines for your targeted keywords is critical to the success of your website and other forms of online marketing.


You are not looking to expand your business.

Your website is for in house use only.

Should I Get SEO Summary:

Let’s face the facts here, if you are serious about your online marketing efforts you are going to need to invest money into SEO services. Every small business wants to be ranked #1 for their industries targeted keywords and they want to do it as cheap as possible. You really need to look at the products and services which you offer and decide whether the investment is viable for your business. e.g john operates a building company on the Gold Coast. John’s average job brings him in $10,000 and he runs @ 50% profit margin for his work. John’s SEO is costing him $1,000 per month and he ranks #1 for the following keywords, building company Gold Coast, Building Services Gold Coast, House Renovations Gold Coast, House Builder Gold Coast. These 4 keywords bring his company 1 extra client per month and over the year his company makes an extra $120,000 from his website alone. Johns return on investment is 900% for his website marketing. Depending on the products and services your business offers will change the amount you should be investing into SEO and if it is a viable expense for your business. Search Engine Optimisation is a marketing investment and should be looked at this way, you should make sure you understand the time it will take to rank for targeted keywords and be willing to be patient whilst the services provided take effect to achieve your desired results. If you make a good investment you will benefit greatly from SEO if you make a bad investment or choose the wrong company you have made a bad investment.