What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source content management system (cms) or website backend used to develop websites. Being an open source platform this enables our team to work with endless possibilities on the design and development. WordPress was originally produced as a blogging platform for users to create blog articles and have advanced features on the display of their blog. In short WordPress allows our designers and developers to use this code to build websites which allow access to both designers, developers and the client. This feature is extremely important for all businesses to make updates and adjustments to their website on a regular basis.

Why Should I Use WordPress?

Here are 6 reason why we use WordPress for 90% of our website development.

  • Flexible Open Source
  • Great Content Management System
  • Search Engine Optimization Friendly
  • Media Support
  • Extended Plugins
  • Easy To Use

This content management system is well known world wide by developers and users, some of the web’s major players use WordPress for the backbone of their websites. Due to the WordPress blogging background and code structure the search engine optimisation capabilities of this CMS are second to none. If you are looking into gaining serious traction within major search engines then WordPress should be your number one CMS of choice.

The design and development of WordPress websites is completely flexible. This gives designers and developers the opportunity to create great looking websites and functionality without sacrificing the overall structure of the websites code. This leaves clients with a secure and stable platform to work with making adjustments and changes as they wish without glitches.

When it comes to Social Media Marketing you can be assured that the team at Diverse Website Solutions are ready to provide you with expert strategy, consultation and performance.

Feel free to contact our team to discuss your exact business needs and gather more information.