Why do small business owners need Search Engine Optimisation?

Starting a new business and trying to get it off the grown can seem like a huge challenge at times.

The main reason small businesses do not succeed within the first year of business has very little to do with the service they provide or the products offered to there clients and customers. The main reason small businesses do not succeed has a lot more to do with the fact that when people are looking for the service or product they simply can not be found. This causes a chain of events that not only effects your business but also benefits your competitors time and time again.

It might seem like a huge leap for a small business to invest regular amounts of money into online marketing or to sit down and plan out a solid marketing budget for there new business. Most of the time results for the business owner is always the same, They are continually working harder than they need to. Promoting the business along with it’s products and services full time which takes away from other important aspects of the business growth. “That is not to say marketing or sales of products and services is not important as it is the back bone of all small business” So how do we still promote our service and products if we are busy focusing on other aspects?

Online marketing should be your sales & promotional tool!

~Carson Reynolds, Business Development Manager

I come from a strong background in sales of all forms including but not limited to:

-Direct to consumer sales
-Door to Door sales
-Business to Business sales
-Cold calling sales
-Warm calling sales
-Online marketing sales
-Operating a direct marketing business

The importance of sales & marketing within business is something that can never be overlooked. However I always like to ask myself, Is there a better way to approach this?. As a small business you really need to focus on where your money is spent and how the business will return on that investment in the short term. Let’s face the facts here, you are not working with a $500k annual marketing budget and you want to make sure that every dollar spent will benefit your business quickly. Search Engine Optimisation could be your next best sales and marketing employee for a fraction of a wage.