Search Engine Optimisation for small business owners after Google hummingbird

Straight to the point, a large number of business owners have been hit by the Google Hummingbird recent update.

How will this effect your online marketing strategies and SEO campaigns?

The recent update to Google’s algorithms has made changes to the way which google selects it’s ranking criteria. Following this update it is very important to make sure that your website has relevant content and high quality back links. This has always been the highest priority within search engine optimisation and HAS NOT changed the overall idea behind search engine optimisation. This has strengthened the search engine optimisation market showing clients more direct results from there investment. If you are currently employing a search engine optimisation company which was using poor, low quality strategies then it will be quick to see the impact of this following the recent update.

What should you do if you have been effected by Hummingbird?

If you have noticed a large drop in your previous keyword rankings then this may be due to the update. The main focus following this update is creating websites with the correct design/development structure, content and link strategies. Mobile websites are also considered in Google’s new algorithm which will also help customers and clients access your website or content better. To this date the best way to achieve long term ranking results is by following Google’s suggestions and creating well structured websites which include high quality content which users want to read.

Your websites structure!

Does your current website follow Google’s guidelines? Does your current website designer take SEO into account when building your website?. Diverse Website Solutions runs through an extensive on page checklist to make sure that your website is built to our specific guidelines and submitted to all major search engines to give you the best chances within search engines. Contact the team at Diverse Website Solutions to discuss how we can design or redesign your companies website to help rank higher within Google for targeted keywords.

Back link guidelines following Hummingbird!

If your current SEO company or website design company is still building low quality spam links for your website then it is time to rethink your strategy completely. Google will continue to de-rank websites which do not comply with their terms and conditions. Google states that “buying back links is against the rules and should be generated naturally”. Be very careful when choosing who you are using to help your company rank within search engines, this could effect your website for months to come.

Your Social Media Marketing!

Google is now looking at your social networking strategy and content. Take the time to build a solid social media marketing strategy for your business. This means quality, engaging content and followers. Moving forward Google will be linking further and further into social media activities and the way which they are managed. If you do not currently have a strategy for your social media marketing then we would highly suggest looking into this to benefit your business and your search engine optimisation.

Your websites content!

A great deal of people think that if they have really good content then they will rank well. This is very true but without the correct website structure and submission techniques then you will be spending a lot of time creating content for no reason. You could have the best article in the world and without the correct website structure, submission techniques and back link campaign then your new article will not be seen by to many people. That might have sounded negative, but its true. this does not mean you should not create good content for your website. please do! but make sure your website is built to help the content you create.

All being said follow these quick tips and your website will be sure to succeed:

  • Make sure your website is built with SEO in mind
  • Make sure your on page SEO is part of your process
  • Make sure your website has a blog with GREAT content
  • Make sure you develop a mobile website for your company
  • Make sure you are naturally active within social networks
  • Make sure you or the company taking care of your SEO is building quality links
  • Check Google guidelines and follow them as close as possible